Macau weathered a better storm between Sunday and Monday, as the latest Typhoon 8 to hit its shores did not prompt a total shutdown of casino services in the city.

Recent tropical storms had called into question whether the government would continually close casino operations whenever a storm hit T8 magnitude.

Monday’s storm, which was predicted to lessen in strength by late morning, proved that authorities will allow gaming operations to continue, as well as regular taxi services, as long as there is demand.

The territory, however, was cut off from certain entry points into China and Hong Kong – severing cross-bridge, ferry, and aerial travel.

Wind gusts of up to 180 km/h were felt during the most recent large-scale typhoon, with authorities warning residents to ‘stay indoor as far as possible’.

Amongst the gaming operators, only small-scale player Mocha had to suspend two of its slot areas – in Kuong Fat and Inner Harbor, likely due to the strong flooding expected in the region.