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Macau bidders need to pay close attention to government vision


With the concession expiry deadline looming the Macau government is pushing ahead with its plans for a public re-tender for the coveted licenses. Glenn McCartney MBE, writes that the attention will soon be focused on the request for proposal process and ensuring the pitches are in line with the government’s clearly stated objectives . . .

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Glenn McCartney
Glenn McCartneyhttps://agbrief.com/person/glenn-mccartney/
Glenn McCartney, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of gaming and hospitality management at the University of Macau. He has been in the gaming and hospitality industry in Macao for more there 13 years and worked as a consultant to the Macao government during its recent casino concession process. McCartney regularly speaks at international tourism and hospitality industry events and is the author of Event Management: An Asian Perspective (McGraw-Hill). He holds a doctorate in tourism marketing and is the British Honorary Consul for Macao.