What will Macau do with all that VIP space? [video]

As Macau continues to shift away from the once-lucrative junket / VIP market, many operators are contemplating what to do with all of their now empty VIP-focused gaming rooms and facilities. 

Lee Montaina, managing director of Westar Architects International Macau Limited says that while there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to the problem, all operators will be considering whether to turn the gaming space into a non-gaming space – given the current pressures for diversification in the Macau gaming market today. 

In our interview with Montaina, AGB’s Asia Editor Felix Ng discusses what options operators have to repurpose their VIP gaming space, and the factors that would guide them in their decision tree. We also discuss the timelines that operators will likely make these types of decisions. 

In case you missed our special curtain-raiser last week, Montaina said a new $5 billion dollar property is “not likely on the cards anytime soon” for Macau, with properties instead looking to hone in on leveraging underserved markets using what they already have.