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Paltronics celebrates 25th anniversary with special new releases

Systems solutions veteran Paltronics is now celebrating 25 years of success, with some exciting announcements and products, commemorating the group’s ongoing success throughout Australasia and beyond. Kylie Rogers, Vice President of Operations – Australasian Casinos breaks down how the group has been so successful and what special new products are at the forefront.

25 years…Big congrats from us here at AGB. We all know Paltronics has not been one to self-promote its accomplishments in the media in the past, but it really does have a bit to brag about: starting as a small Australian company and now having such a massive presence across Asia. 

Kylie Rogers, Paltronics
Kylie Rogers, VP of Operations for Australasian Casinos, Paltronics

Hahah why thank you… but mmmm, I have been known to graffiti event signage walls with my #Palrocks over the years but yes that’s pretty much the extent of it.  We didn’t put ourselves out there so much on that side as we were just focusing on customers and gaining market share through product strength. 

But yes, now we are celebrating 25 years of great solid relationships with most of the venues across Asia and, tooting our own horn if you will, to gain some recognition for our team who has worked so hard over the years. Now can we stop talking about us being 25 years old, people will start to work out how old I am!

Am I right in saying you have your product in every major IR in Asia, as well as smaller venues throughout Australasia?

Yes, we are the only casino-based system that has rolled out product into every Major IR, so that is definitely something to be proud of.

With the massive presence across Asia – what does that comprise and how does that help Paltronics stand out from the competition?

We are still the number 1 provider for Jackpot controllers in Asia and worldwide. The challenge we’ve had is that our controllers were so bloody reliable that product turnover eventually would have become an issue to the company if we didn’t move into the Full System Based product that can run without our jackpot controller hardware as it is built in.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great for the customer when their product does not fail for 15 years and beyond but it makes for a tough resale forecast…(she laughs nervously)…! 

With the slot manufacturers using our JPC’s on interface cards inside their slots (usually at the request of casino customers) it has kept us strong on the OEM side outside of Major IRs, as much as the full system side inside the IR’s. 

It’s great that the OEM’s recognise it’s a good solid product and granted their customers’ requests by leaving this part of slot operation to the people that know it the best. It tells me they care more about the customers’ needs than anything and that should be recognised.

Bottom line – for 25 years, we have provided quality in our products and dedication to our customer relationships. These principles run deep in Paltronics.

Well, that is the perfect segway…… you just made this very easy for me!!!

Definitely RFID on tables. To be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a trend, I would call it an absolute necessity, hence the rollout forecast across Australasian casinos in the next few years is set to go crazy. 

We have partnered with who we believe is number one in this space, Genesis, with a proven product called BRAVO!

Bravo PIT, Genesis Gaming, Paltronics

What makes BRAVO different is that it is a full table management system that uses the best and most precise RFID hardware available. BRAVO incorporates a vertical antenna making accuracy, which I believe is the most important thing of all, beyond anything currently in the whole Australasian Casino market!

We offer this on Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps and SIC BO (you can now see a simulation at G2E Asia 2024).

Do you have any other new product being released in the BIG 25th year we can talk about?

Yes, we have a very exciting product called Multi Bet that is doing very well in other parts of the world. This is the baby of our long-term partner GES. We have had a crazy amount of interest in this product across the globe in the last month and are going to trial in the Philippines very soon. 

GES, MultiBet

GES have a wide range of table products installed and new that we will also be showing at G2E.

We do also have 2 other big announcements to make by the end of year in relation to new product but that will have to wait for your G2E VEGAS issue hahaah!

AGBrief Editorial
AGBrief Editorial
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