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Cambodia grapples with illegal online gambling boom

Despite gambling being illegal for Cambodians, online betting sites are flourishing in the country, with users able to easily register and deposit money through these platforms, which offer a variety of sports and casino games.

Indonesia on Philippines and Cambodia to shut down online gambling via NAPs

Indonesia is now mandating that network access point (NAP) service providers cut access to the internet lines that are based in the Philippines and Cambodia and are allegedly being used for online gambling within the nation.

Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Cambodia facing looming threat of Thailand: expert

The gaming market in Cambodia is undergoing significant changes, with aims to improve the operating environment, transparency and market conditions, but Thailand is becoming increasingly worrisome, notes expert Daniel Li.

Cambodia not eliminating gambling, Thailand is a threat

Cambodia’s gaming story is not over by a long shot, with gaming expert Daniel Li pointing out how the country is trying to improve its oversight and legislation, rather than eviscerate the industry.

Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Cambodia bets big on Chinese tourism

China is actively encouraging investment in and the development of Cambodia, notes an expert, pointing out that increased flights between the nations and the build–out of airports will further strengthen tourism and business. The nation's gaming industry could, however, be facing heavy competition in the near future, as Thailand aims to steal the regional gaming crown.

Cambodia bets big on tourism despite yet having visa-free policy with China: Insider

Tourism is a “major focus” of Cambodia under the new leadership of the country’s Prime Minister Hun Manet, as the Southeast Asian country has “set up many initiatives to attract Chinese, not just Chinese tourism, but in general, all tourism to Cambodia,” notes gaming expert Daniel Li in an interview with AGB.

Cambodia needs to reinvent itself amid a dynamic changing market landscape: panelist  

The accelerating move by the Thai government to legalize casinos is forcing the Cambodian gaming industry to 'redefine' its strategy, says gaming expert Daniel Li.

Cambodia gaming watchdog issues warning against online lotteries

The General Secretariat of the Commercial Gambling Management Commission of Cambodia (CGMC) is running a public awareness campaign on various social media platforms to caution against the risks of falling prey to online advertising promoting illegal gambling and lotteries.

Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Cambodia moving towards a regulated gaming environment

Even though it managed to get itself off the FATF's grey list, Cambodia is still facing hurdles regarding its gaming legislation and oversight. In this week's Under the Scope, gaming expert Ben Lee notes how the country's moves to halt new licensing and increase oversight could have a long-term benefit to the sector, with hopes the alterations can drive back Chinese visitation and weed out the bad actors.

Under the Scope: Cambodia tightens its regulatory belt, aims to appease China

Cambodia's leadership is planning to halt the expansion of gambling within the country, but all is not lost. Gaming expert Ben Lee points out how the nation's regulatory changes could take it to the next level.