Roger Quiles

Roger Quiles

Roger Quiles is one of the world’s first esports attorneys. Born and raised in New York City, Roger grew up playing sports and video games equally. In 2014, Roger married these interests when starting his law practice, Quiles Law, which exclusively services the esports industry.

As a pioneer of esports law, Roger represents a global clientele of individuals and businesses operating within esports. His clients include the two largest esports news media platforms, international teams, world champion players, influential content creators, professional athletes, and the many kinds of businesses who service the space. 

Given the ever-evolving, and international, nature of esports, Roger’s work is interdisciplinary, regularly advising on business, entertainment, intellectual property, corporate, m&a, and igaming matters.

In 2015, recognizing that many of the individuals creating esports teams lacked basic business law knowledge, Roger published The Little Legal Handbook for Esports Teams to serve as a reference guide. In 2019, recognizing that the esports industry had matured somewhat since the ebook’s initial release, Roger published the Second Edition of the ebook to update the content and include information about basic m&a topics. The Little Legal Handbook for Esports Teams remains one of the few, if not only, compiled legal resources for esports teams.

As a pioneer of esports law, Roger is regularly invited to speak at conferences across the world on various topics relating to esports, including business, gambling, and intellectual property matters.

Roger is one of the few attorneys experienced in representing both an esports and traditional sports clientele, having assisted professional athletes with their esports endeavors, and prior to his work in esports, assisting collegiate athletes and sports businesses in various sports law matters.

Roger is also a registered sports agent, representing an elite group of esports players and coaches in all business matters. In 2015, Roger founded 1337 Sports Management, one of world’s first esports player agencies. In 2017, Roger co-founded FTW Talent, an internationally based esports player and talent agency. Recognized for his work on behalf of players, Roger was invited to join the Esports Integrity Commission’s key talent agent subcommittee to help shape regulation for esports player agents. 

​Given his expansive background in the esports industry, Roger regularly serves as a consultant for international businesses seeking to operate in the space, including esports teams and exhibition companies.

Prior to starting his own law practice, Roger worked for a New York City judge and a small firm in Manhattan.

Roger firmly believes that most of life’s problems can be solved with Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. 

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