Finding opportunities within Asia: Platipus’ Vladyslav Garanko

Vladyslav Garanko, CMO of casino games development studio Platipus, says that the Asian market isn’t a one-size-fits-all, and that operators entering the market need to take their time to figure out each nuance. The company is actively expanding its presence in the region, and investing heavily to ensure brand recognition.

Here are some of the highlights:

What’s your current presence and plans in Asia?

“Asia is quite a big market and it is a market where we’re still growing. So we have a significant foothold, we have a number of key partners right now. But if we are looking to achieve sustainable growth here, that is definitely something we want to invest heavily into.”

Who are the ideal customers you’re looking for?

“Of course, the ideal guests and customers are the operators, who are having their own websites or their own chain of websites – that would be ideal. But, of course, there’s a number of platforms here as well that are not well known outside of Asia. So that, for every company that is based anywhere else but Asia is a problem, they don’t know all the niche markets, they don’t know what is a Asia-only aggregator – and what specific needs there are. Even at this summit we have already learned a lot of things that we will need to adjust to specifically tailor for more niche parts of Asia where they have additional needs that we need to support.”

Has the ASEAN Gaming Summit been successful for you?

“It has been extremely successful. We have promoted our brand recognition significantly. As you may see, as a golden sponsor we are here almost everywhere. That is nice because people recognize us, people talk about us and it is easier to start a conversation, it’s easier to engage with the audience. And further down, as a speaker, I hope there will be a number of people who will be more familiar with our brand. Therefore, from a marketing perspective: extremely successful. From a business perspective: our head of sales has already reported that he has a number of qualified leads on day one in the first four hours. So that says something about this summit.”