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JCM: Innovating for efficiency

When JCM Global (JCM) created the innovative ICB Intelligent Cash Box system, it immediately increased efficiencies throughout the drop process by eliminating multiple points of potential human error. Since then, casinos worldwide have benefited from ICB’s advanced capabilities, and the ICB system itself has evolved to include new features such as web reporting and customizable dashboards.

JCM’s partnership with Cash Processing Solutions (CPS) is further increasing efficiencies in the count room with flexible and modular count-sort solutions, including the 7000i, X Range, and V Series and ECM enterprise-wide cash management software.

However, the innovations don’t stop there – JCM and CPS have fully integrated ICB and ECM, so that all asset details and cash box contents are communicated directly to the CPS software. As JCM and CPS demonstrated to attendees at the recent G2E, this integration delivers a complete count room solution and is proven to bring more visibility over the operation, enhance security, and increase cash box processing speed and reliability.

The integration of ECM and ICB works at single casinos and in enterprise situations. This means ECM and ICB can be programmed to talk to each other across multiple properties with a central control location, or they can be managed separately at individual locations.

As a recent example, earlier in the year, JCM upgraded the ICB system to ICB 3.0 at Black Hawk Casino and at Sac and Fox Casino, and a few weeks ago, JCM installed the ECM software at each property. Now, Black Hawk Casino and Sac and Fox Casino are using ECM and ICB software together to improve data management and create one cohesive database of all casino areas that handle cash with JCM’s bill validators.

The technologies and the partnerships are additional proof of JCM’s commitment to its customers to bring innovation that enhances the guest experience, increases efficiencies, and boosts security. For information, contact your JCM representative or visit

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