Steve Wynn

Former Wynn CEO Steve Wynn is facing racketeering charges in the US Court of Appeals, under accusations that Wynn attempted to ‘corrupt the judicial process by exerting improper influence’.

The movement is reportedly being head by judges, despite Wynn having dodged a RICO lawsuit last year.

The case reverted to charges over his 2018 indictment over alleged sexual misconduct with multiple people, which culminated in his eventual sale of shares in Wynn Resorts and distancing from the company.

Wynn is now facing charges over his alleged pressuring of manicurist Angelica Limcaco, of which he denies all allegations.

Limcaco’s original suit was filed in 2018, alleging wrongful termination and retaliation. The claims were dismissed by a judge in 2019, claiming a statute of limitations, despite the court fining Wynn Resorts $35 million in 2019 for failing to disclose sexual misconduct allegations against Wynn.