ASEAN 2022: Crypto Gaming, what are you doing wrong?

Autonomode Managing Director, Frank Schuengel, tells you what you’re doing wrong in your crypto gaming operation and shares the key points for a successful business in the sphere. 

The IoM-based operator sits down with NYCE CEO, Harmen Brenninkmeijer, for a candid fireside chat on Crypto Vs Blockchain to discuss Global adoption, Ownership, Security and what the industry should be doing better going forward.

Among the Do’s and Don’ts Schuengel underlines that operators shouldn’t treat crypto as a fiat currency. Among the pro tips, Autonomode stresses the need to invest in understanding crypto players and the community.

This is the second of an ASEAN 2022 series, bringing you discussions around the industry’s challenges and opportunities at the in-person event. Tune in tomorrow for the state of play of Sportsbetting in Asia.