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IDX Games: All-board for booming business


With Macau seeing some clarity with its regulatory landscape, its likely business models need a rethink to stay competitive. Specifically, casinos will need to find ways to capture new demographics in the mass market. In some ways, this bodes well for IDX Games, as our modular intelligent table product, X-Tables, is built for capturing mass segments. 

X-Trend, for example, is proving to be a beacon for younger players on the tables, as it brings more entertainment and statistically higher player engagement to table games. Late last year, we launched X-Trend to the Hong Kong (and ‘Macau player segment” when we went live on a regional cruise ship.

It was gratifying knowing that we do indeed bring some new excitement to baccarat that not only helps younger players to enjoy the game, but also proves a talking point for well-heeled gamblers. Business aboard has been booming, since travel restrictions entering Macau were in place. 

Our computer vision module X-View, among many benefits, basically adds a set of ‘audit meters’ to the table, allowing more accurate measurements of the game and cashflow data.

The GUI proves beneficial for real-time analysis and compliance, which is something Macau and other markets may look to improve. We are also working on a series of in-game features and bonusing never seen before, which are gaining interest. 

With both IDX and idNerd this year we’re offering a ‘one-stop shop’ for creative digital solutions, like immersive art and interactive content, to consultation on digital hardware, working with many tier-1 LED vendors.

The aim here is to ensure we deliver the correct canvas and the best content to wow audiences at a competitive price. We have some exciting projects on the go with a few luxury brands in Hong Kong that utilize the latest interactive technologies, and in discussions with a USA distributor, to introduce our innovative gaming products to new markets.  

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