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Levo Chan becomes CEO of Macau Legend


Chan Weng Lin, also known as Levo Chan, has become the CEO of Macau Legend in addition to his role as co-chair of the board. He replaces Melinda Chan in the executive post.

Levo Chan, also chief executive of the junket-related Tak Chun Group, became the largest shareholder in Macau Legend Development in September after the company’s founder, David Chow, and others sold down their shares. At present, Chan owns about a third of the company’s shares.

According to the company statement, “Chan will take care of the day-to-day management of the group’s business and implement the group’s policies, strategic plans and business goals formulated by the board.”

The firm has further reported that Li Chu Kwan has been appointed as an executive director, and Ricky Lau has been appointed as an independent non-executive director of Macau Legend.

It is not clear at this juncture whether or not Levo Chan intends to implement significant policy changes at Macau Legend, but his arrival is thought to be part of an effort to improve the firm’s liquidity. It is also seen as part of a wider pattern of junket groups expanding into integrated resort operations.

Macau Legend operates three casinos in Macau, the Legend Palace, Landmark, and Babylon, and also has an interest in the Savan Legend in Laos.

Michael Penn
Michael Penn
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