Casino video technology company Dallmeier has revolutionized how casino operators adapt their surveillance systems when changing the gaming floor layout.

The transformation of gaming floors is part of everyday casino life. In most cases, many cameras must be readjusted. The re-adjustment of the cameras is usually done manually on the camera itself and thus generates a lot of work time and costs each time.

The “Remote Positioning Dome (RPoD)” technology of the new Dallmeier DOMERA 5000 and 6000 cameras solves this problem: The installer can complete the entire setup of the camera in just a few minutes – from any notebook. The automatic position sensor simplifies this even more, saving casino operators significant time and cost.

In addition to the RPoD, the multi-talent DOMERA camera delivers the highest image quality even under the most demanding light conditions and – in the 6000 series – top notch video analytics results. Fitted with a high-performance SoC (System on Chip – the Video and analytic sensor), the DOMERA cameras can perform latest generation AI-based Edge analytics, where most of the neural network-based analytic calculations are performed in the camera (at the Edge), saving bandwidth and central processing power.

The reliable detection and classification of objects enables a whole range of analytic applications. This capability not only helps increase surveillance efficiency, but also sets the foundation for increasing profitability in areas such as hotel, food & beverages, or shopping.

The DOMERA series offers high image quality with four or eight Megapixels, HDR functionality and extreme light sensitivity. The cameras are consequently ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use under difficult light conditions. The initial configuration and setup for the camera is browser-based and does not require any additional software.