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Emperor Ent. confident in Macau gaming market after strong results

Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited has reported a remarkable financial turnaround for the financial year ended March 31st, with the company’s total revenue surging by 171.1 percent to HK$789.3 million ($101.1 million).

This growth from the HK$291.1 million ($37.3 million) registered in the previous year was driven by a resurgence in visitor arrivals and increased demand in the hospitality and entertainment sectors.

Emperor Entertainment reported a net profit of HK$62.8 million ($8 million), a significant improvement from the HK$128.0 million ($16.4 million) net loss recorded in 2023.

The post-pandemic revival in tourism has been instrumental in the group’s success, with Hong Kong receiving over 40.8 million tourists, approaching pre-pandemic levels. Similarly, Macau’s gaming sector saw a massive 423.6 percent increase in revenue, with visitor numbers up by 266.4 percent.

The company’s revenue from hotels and serviced apartments increased by 62.3 percent to HK$330.1 million ($42.3 million), driven by higher occupancy rates and a diversified portfolio.

At the same time, gaming revenue saw a notable rise to HK$459.2 million ($58.8 million), reflecting a strong rebound in consumer sentiment and entertainment demand.

The company announced the proposed acquisition of property interests valued at HK$700 million ($89.6 million), aimed at further expanding its footprint in Hong Kong’s Central district. This move is still pending shareholder approval.

The property is a 25-story apartment building located in Central, Hong Kong.

Emperor Entertainment Hotel’s business currently covers a total of six hotels and serviced apartments in Hong Kong and Macau, including Macau’s Grand Emperor Hotel and its casino, which operates under SJM’s gaming concession.

Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited maintained a robust financial position with HK$645.8 million ($82.7 million) in cash reserves, with the group saying its strong liquidity and zero gearing ratio underscored its financial stability.

The company also remained optimistic about sustained growth, driven by ongoing government initiatives and infrastructure improvements that facilitate easier access for mainland Chinese tourists.

‘Macau’s position as a leading gaming and entertainment hub is expected to bolster long-term market growth,’ the group noted.

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