Melco Resorts & Entertainment and the Women’s General Association of Macau co-hosted the Best Mom Award at Studio City on Sunday to pay tribute to maternal love, promote positive family values and provide a platform through which the community can show gratitude and appreciation towards women and motherhood. 

The event also highlights the Melco Women’s Initiatives’ message of ‘Best I Can Be’, encouraging women to embrace life’s choices and to bring out the best in oneself.

Best Mom Award has been well-received by the community since its launch in 2019. This year, 10 Best Mom Excellence Award winners were recognized and awarded with a Studio City experience package.

Merit Awards were also presented to 20 runner-up Best Moms, and 40 Consolation Prizes to highly commended applicants. 

The winning Moms shared their touching stories with the audience and the debut performance of the Best Mom Award’s theme song titled “The First Love” was presented.

Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman and CEO of Melco, said, “Initiatives for women continue to be an important pillar of Melco’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Our ‘Best I Can Be’ philosophy encourages women to embrace life’s choices, and to feel empowered upon making choices to bring out the best in oneself. We are pleased to continue co-organizing the Best Mom Awards together with the Women’s General Association of Macau for the third consecutive year. Congratulations once again to all the contestants on their wonderful achievements and contributions to their families and society.”

Ms. Grace Wong Kit Cheng, Vice-President of the Women’s General Association of Macau, said, “This collaboration with Melco once again rewards outstanding mothers who work tirelessly and selflessly – bringing positive energy. Women’s Association has always attached importance to the needs of mothers, ranging all the way from maternity leave, paternity leave, breastfeeding, maternal and child health care, childcare services, domestic helper training to family-friendly policies. Looking ahead, it is hoped that more opportunities for partnerships can be available between the government, enterprises and associations – so that more diverse and meaningful services and activities for mothers and families can be provided to join hands in building a beautiful home.”

Event guests of honor included Ms. Zhu Hong, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR; Ms. Ho Teng Iat, Deputy Director of the Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese of the CPPCC National Committee and Permanent Chairwoman of Women’s General Association of Macau; Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman and CEO of Melco; Ms. Lei Lai Peng, Head of the Department of Family and Community Services of the Social Welfare Bureau; Ms. Un Sio Leng, President of Women’s General Association of Macau; Dr. Kent Wong, Chief Advisor of Melco; Ms. Chan Hong, President of The Chinese Educators Association of Macau; Ms. Sou Chi Man, Director of Parenting Education Centre of the Education and Youth Development Bureau; and Ms. Akiko Takahashi, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff to Chairman and CEO of Melco.

Attending guests also included Women’s General Association of Macau Supervisory Committee Chairwoman Ms. Iong Weng Ian; Vice-Chairwoman Ms. Cheung Pui Peng; Vice-President and Secretary General Ms. Chong Leng Leng; Vice-President Ms. Chan Chon Wa and Ms. Ng Ka Teng; and President of Friends of Women’s Association of Macau Mr. Stanley Ma Io Fong.