APE teams with historic Macau bakery

APE vending machine

Asia Pioneer Entertainment’s newly launched Snap Buy vending machine brand has teamed with historic Macau bakery, Choi Heong Yuen Bakery to provide popular gifts 24 hours a day.

The offering will include favourites such as Almond Cakes, Phoenix Egg Rolls and Liquorice Lemon.

APE, which is a gaming supplier and service company, has been seeking to diversify its revenue sources to offset the impact of Covid.

A new generation of smart vending machine is equipped with a flexible mechanical arm to ensure that goods can be delivered to the customers smoothly without any damages. Customers do not need to bend down to pick up the goods. The humanized design is used to enhance the shopping experience of customers. The smart vending machine is also equipped with a variety of latest electronic payment methods to meet the consumption habits of different users.Snap buy, vending, smart. machines, asia pioneer entertainment

“Under the trend of intelligent retail and self-service, combined with the encouragement from Macau government to push the use of electronic payment, I think “Snap Buy” smart vending machine has a great potential for development,” APE and Snap Buy head Herman Ng.