Davis Fong

Macau gaming scholar Davis Fong believes the Gaming Bill amendment will not pose an impact on satellite casinos at least in the short term, and instead has urged the public to consider the long-term implications of the gaming industry, Macau TDM reports. 

One of the recently proposed changes to the gaming law is a stipulation that casino operations need to take place in venues owned by the operator.

This has been widely regarded as having a negative impact on the 18 or so satellite casinos in Macau, most of which run under a license by SJM Holdings. 

However, Fong said that the legislation comes with a three-year transition period, allowing satellite casinos to either exit, or adapt to the new rules.

Fong also noted that these satellite casinos, in their current form, are not in the “developmental direction” that Macau has been moving towards, and has urged the public to consider the long-term stability of the gaming industry that will come with these new rules. 

Jay Chun, speaking with Asia Gaming Brief has a different view, warning that the new rules will have a negative impact on the local economy and small businesses.