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Regulator urges Macau casinos to implement ‘comprehensive’ management via technology

In a recent meeting with Macau gaming operators, the casino regulatory body in Macau, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), urged them to update their monitoring systems on the gaming floor. The aim is to implement ‘comprehensive management through technology’.

In this context, DICJ mentions the installation of smart gaming tables, which can improve the efficiency of casino operation and management, and cooperate with the further development of e-government.

In a meeting memo shared on DICJ’s social media account on WeChat, DICJ mentioned that the parties discussed e-governance and explored the potential and difficulties of cooperation in technology and the scope of data transmission in smart policing, smart surveillance, and casino monitoring.

Currently, all the gaming companies in Macau plan to install RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tables in the coming months to improve marketing efficiency and productivity, while MGM China adopted this kind of smart tables in 2016.

DICJ and Macau Judiciary Police have discussed security issues during large-scale events held in Macau.

The city’s police have requested gaming companies to deploy additional staff to coordinate security, especially at entrances and exits of venues and locations where people are concentrated, to ensure the safety of participants and the smooth running of activities.

In the same memo, Macau authorities said that they have been working to combat illicit money exchange businesses. According to data provided by DICJ, a total of 2,302 people were banned from entering casinos in Macau, and the police also submitted a total of 1,468 people who were caught engaging in money exchange businesses in Macau.

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