Macau enters a second phase of a transition period in living with the Covid pandemic next Wednesday, with the introduction of new measures such as home isolation. However, inbound travellers from outside of Mainland China are still required to serve mandatory quarantine.

An infected person may undergo home isolation treatment, but their cohabitants will be classified as close contacts, and their Macao Health Code will be converted to yellow color, and they must carry out self-health management for five days and, as far as possible, not leave the house unless strictly necessary. 

While under a red code the patient may leave your home for work or other reasons as long as the citizen adopts the appropriate protection measures and avoid going to crowded places.

The government stressed that the most important factor in this second phase of the anti-epidemic policy transition period is the effective screening of patients. The authorities venture that 90% of people infected with the Omicron variant are likely to be asymptomatic, or develop light symptoms.

The government has now pushed for a full vaccination campaigns among the elderly. 

Similarly, the Education Bureau is developing vaccination drives at the schools. 

Public servants will have to undergo daily rapid testing.

Among other measures announced, public transport no longers requires a valid health code but KN95 masks are mandatory.

Citizens are only required to provide a valid health code while entering medical facilities, school and social services offices.

Gatherings of over 300 people are required to provide a negative rapid test.

Macau has followed the footsteps layed by the Mainland, which has now downplayed the risks of the Covid 19 pandemic, arguing that the Omnicrom variant is just another flu.