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Macau labor association seeks to strengthen labor rights protection for casino employees

One of the largest labor associations in Macau has submitted a request to authorities, asking for increased guarantees of rest and improvements in working conditions for casino employees, with government intervention.

The Federation of Associations of Workers of Macau (FAOM) made the request after noticing that the return of visitors to Macau is putting additional work pressure on casino employees.

In a meeting with the SAR’s Labor Affairs Bureau this week, representatives from FAOM advocated for the reinforcement of labor rights protection for workers, especially those in the gaming sector. The association also urged the government to take the initiative to negotiate with gaming concessionaires to ensure employee rest time.

Choi Kam Fu, vice president of FAOM, noted that due to surges in work volume, gaming industry employees experience frequent changes in work shifts, which have a relatively greater impact on the physical and psychological health of employees.

Macau lawmaker Leong Sun Iok revealed that he has received some complaints about the management of gaming companies. He reported the issues to the government, stating that the casinos in Macau have implemented stricter management methods due to the surge in visitor volumes.

In response, the director of Labor Affairs Bureau, Wong Chi Hong, promised that he will always maintain an open attitude and actively listen to the views of various stakeholders, including employees and employers, on labor legislation.

Viviana Chan
Viviana Chan
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