Guangzhou tightens restrictions on travel amid covid-19 spread


Authorities in Guangzhou have urged residents not to leave the city unless necessary, in a plight to slow the spread of covid-19

The city’s covid-19 control headquarters said that starting on Monday noon, those leaving the city will be required to provide a negative nucleic acid test result within 48 hours prior to departure. 

Over the weekend, the city registered seven locally transmitted cases and three locally transmitted asymptomatic cases, bringing up the number of infections to 94. 

In response, Macau’s Novel Coronavirus and Coordination Center has expanded its list of districts in Guangdong Province that would be required to undergo 14-day medical observation upon arrival to Macau.

The full list includes districts within Guangzhou City, Shenzhen City, Foshan City, Maoming City, and in the Anhui Province, Lu’an City. 

(Government Information Bureau)