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Digital experiences and diversified games key for casinos to attract younger punters: panelists

The casino industry is grappling with the challenge of attracting a generation of younger gamblers. To attract the demographic, casinos need to enhance their digital experiences and diversify their games, as highlighted by industry experts during a recent panel discussion at the G2E Asia conference in Macau.

With traditional slot machines appealing predominantly to an older demographic, the focus is shifting towards diversifying gaming options and integrating digital experiences to lure younger players.


In a panel focused on ‘Player Experience Initiatives’, Lloyd Robson, General Manager for Asia at Aristocrat Gaming, acknowledged the demographic gap, stating that the player base for slot machines is a “little bit older”.

“We’re always thinking about how we can partner with properties to bring in a different generation of players.” He emphasized the need to innovate and referenced successful collaborations, such as their work with the NFL in the US, which has drawn a younger crowd to casino floors.

Light & Wonder

Ken Jolly, Vice President and Managing Director for Asia at Light & Wonder, echoed similar sentiments.

“Slot machines have traditionally been the same for many years. Now they have more features, but we still need to find ways to attract the younger generation,” Jolly added, suggesting that improving the casino environment and offering innovative game designs could make the experience more appealing.

Okada Manila, Universal Entertainment, Philippines, Digital experiences and diversified games key for casinos to attract younger gamblers

Jerry Chan, SVP of Electronic Gaming and Special Projects at Okada Manila, pointed out that younger players prefer games where they feel a sense of control.

“Youngsters feel they can predict outcomes in table games rather than slots, which rely on random number generators,” he explained.

Chan also highlighted the potential of skill-based games and social gaming platforms as avenues to attract younger players, though he noted that the industry is still studying how to make slots more appealing to this demographic.

Hann Casino Resort

As for Cheryl Tiglao, Director of Slots at Hann Casino Resort, it is crucial to come up with innovative slot machine designs to attract younger visitors. “With the innovative designs of slot machines right now, they are huge. Some youngsters, visiting hotels or restaurants, might be attracted by these machines and try them out,” she pointed out.

The panelists agreed that communal gaming experiences, where players can interact and compete with each other, could be key to engaging younger gamblers.

“Younger generations are used to playing online games against other players,” Jolly noted.

“If regulators can accept communal games and communal jackpots, it could be a step towards appealing to the younger generation.”

Ken Jolly

As the casino industry continues to evolve, the integration of digital and interactive gaming elements appears crucial for attracting a younger audience, the panel agreed, with the challenge remaining in creating gaming experiences that resonate with their preferences while maintaining the excitement and thrill that casinos are known for.

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