Galaxy Entertainment joins vaccination awareness drive

Galaxy entertainment group, vaccinations

Macau’s operators are keeping up the pressure to raise vaccine awareness, with Galaxy Entertainment Group the latest to hold two vaccination seminars for team members.

Amid heightened awareness of recurring outbreaks in the neighbouring cities, the two seminars received immense attention among GEG’s team members and attracted more than 700 team members to attend, the company said.

Due to popular demand for enrolment and the need for social distancing measures of keeping seats one meter apart during the seminars, GEG arranged an online live broadcast with the aim to engage more team members. During the seminars, Dr. Tai Wa Hou and the related staff provided GEG team members with details regarding the vaccines’ efficacy, who should or should not get vaccinated, as well as other important information. In addition, Dr. Tai Wa Hou gave team members an in-depth analysis of the imported cases, and answered team members’ questions during the Q&A session in hopes of helping them make their own decisions.

In light of the recent situation in the neighbouring cities, Dr. Tai Wa Hou said, “Residents in Macau should continue to support and executive the related preventive measures, and get vaccinated as soon as possible, because vaccination is the most effective way to protect the health of oneself and one’s family.”

Following the two COVID-19 Vaccine Information Seminars, GEG has arranged for the Health Bureau to set up a Vaccination Point at Galaxy Macau between June 10 and 12, which can serve 1,500 to 1,800 team members and their family members over the three-day period, and help Macau come closer to building herd immunity