Nagasaki industry body to host 2nd human resource seminar

Kyushu IR Promotion, japan

The Kyushu Nagasaki International Tourism Human Resource Development Consortium Preparatory Committee will hold its second seminar at the end of July aimed at sharing experiences from experts in the integrated resorts industry.

Following the main presentation by Professor Hideya Inoue, head of international tourism studies at Nagasaki International University, three guest speakers will discuss their experiences in the IR industry and explain their views on the types of skills and training needed to successfully develop talents for the international tourism industry in Japan.

Joji Kokuryo of Bay City Ventures and Chris Wieners of Hogo Digital will share experiences working for companies in the gaming, IR and tourism hospitality industries, and also touch upon how their involvement and exposure to international business has helped them develop skills in running growing their own companies.

Mototsugu Asada of KPG Resort & Hotel will provide specific examples about the importance of hospitality in the F&B and restaurant management segments and also give viewers some stories from his time running Mizumi, the main Japanese restaurant at Wynn Palace in Macau.

The seminar will be held live on July 31st from 1PM, and will be available for on-demand viewership after the event.

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