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Macau casino tycoons suggest promoting “multi-stop” travels 


Macau casino tycoons Pansy Ho and Francis Lui suggest promoting “multi-stop” travels between Macau, Hong Kong, and other Chinese cities during meetings of China’s top political consultative body and its parliament.

Pansy Ho, MGM China
Pansy Ho, chairperson of Macau gaming operator MGM China

Pansy Ho, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and also chairperson of Macau gaming operator MGM China, told Global Times that Hong Kong and Macau could consider organizing a joint “multi-stop” combination with “Chinese culture-themed” travel products from Chinese mainland cities, while taking advantage of the regions’ roles as global hubs and transit points to boost the inbound tourism market.

Ho notes that “Hong Kong and Macau are top destinations for international tourists thanks to their unique geographic location, historical background, and diverse culture.”

She suggests that the two neighboring cities, along with localities in the Chinese mainland, could develop an in-depth “multi-stop” trip that lasts for six to 10 days, allowing international tourists to deeply immerse themselves in Chinese culture.

Francis Lui, Galaxy Entertainment Group
Francis Lui, vice president of Galaxy Entertainment Group

Meanwhile, the vice president of Galaxy Entertainment Group, also a member of CPPCC, Francis Lui, told the Hong Kong media that Hong Kong and Macau are actively holding events to attract tourists, but the two cities have their own strengths, so he believes that cities can cooperate to explore the “joint tour” market.

On the other hand, Lui suggests that Hong Kong should make good use of its unique advantages to develop tourism and attract high-value tourists.

Regarding Macau, Lui observes that Macau recorded a longer length of stay for visitors, as he attributes it to many major events being held in Macau that are attracting more families to visit with different elements.

Viviana Chan
Viviana Chan
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