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SiGMA aims for the Balkans for its next conference


Always on the move, the SiGMA Summit now plans to turn towards the growing hub of activity that is the Balkans for its next conference.

Belgrade is a natural choice for a bevy of reasons, from its hip and trendy nightlife to the beauty of its old town and its growing importance in the global iGaming ecosystem, the list is practically endless. In this article, we’ll take the liberty of making your itinerary for SiGMA Balkans by pointing out some of the main reasons why Belgrade should be your next flight.

5: An unparalleled riverside stroll: With the Danube and Sava rivers flowing gently through the metropolitan city of Belgrade, the city has made unrivaled use of its waterfront. Turning the 200km long riverbanks into the quintessential Mediterranean experience, With more than two hundred floating bars, clubs, and restaurants, the city’s Splavovi district is a sight to behold with the summertime opening up all of the options available to our lucky delegates.

4: The cuisine of a king: For our foodies interested in expanding their palette while staying financially responsible, Belgrade offers the best the Balkans have to offer in terms of regional and international cuisine. From traditional staples such as Sarma, the deliciously cheese Gibanica or even Serbia’s national dish of grilled, meaty Ćevapčići, to global delights such as Italian, Spanish, and Asian food, all you can eat can be found at the Waterfront.

3: The ultimate nightlife: Belgrade’s nightlife has become legendary, with visitors from all over the world flocking to the White City to party on the many splavs along the Sava and Danube rivers. The most prominent publisher of travel guide books, “Lonely Planet,” names Belgrade as the ideal spot for a night out. Belgrade has everything that other European capitals lack, since, like New York, Belgrade never sleeps. The nightlife is dynamic and ever-changing since the clubs and discos are always packed. In comparison to most of the Balkan countries, the country boasts cheap drinks in most of the establishments. 

2: Explore the local Balkan scene: Green markets in Belgrade are places where authentic Serbian hospitality can be found. You’ll encounter locals as well as those who have traveled from all around Serbia to sell their wares. The variety of fruits and vegetables is enormous, with the majority of them being organically produced in Serbia. The busiest and most well-known green markets are Kalenic, Bajloni, Zeleni Venac, and Zemun. These open-air spaces provide a look at the local village life. 

1: Gaming on the rise: When it comes to the gaming industry in Serbia, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of gamers, who, already surpassing 2.7 billion on a global scale, have invested over $60B in games solely in 2020. As a result, the gaming sector is projected to reach $200B by 2023, leaving a lot of space for gaming centers to develop and create new products, upgrading those created so far. The gaming industry in Serbia both land-based and online is also on the rise. Serbia has the potential to host an even more robust, flourishing economic industry, attracting firms and talent from far beyond its shores as its local market swells, thanks to the New Gambling Act of 2020, which has created a more responsible, accountable, and well-regulated Land-based and iGaming sector.

The SiGMA Conference is known far and wide as the home of the global gaming community for its illuminating panels, inspirational talks, sufficient opportunity to invest and network, and the ability to do it all while enjoying the time of your life. Join us in Belgrade from the 22-25th of August for the best of the industry’s offerings as well as a glimpse into the future of global gaming.

Renowned for its beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, rich culture, and penchant for parties, the Balkans have been sought after by both tasteful tourists and entrepreneurs with an eye on the growing iGaming ecosystem calling the region home.

As the home to the global Gambling community, the SiGMA Conference is known far and wide for its enlightening panels, inspiring speeches, ample opportunities to invest and network, and the ability to do it all while having the time of your life. Join us in Belgrade for the best the industry has to offer and for a window into the future of worldwide gambling.

To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie at [email protected].

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