AGEM April 2023

The AGEM Index, published by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, continued its gains in April, rising 2.7 percent month-on-month and 12.7 percent yearly.

During the month, six of the 12 companies on the index saw their stock prices increase, the largest contributor of which was Crane – who saw a 20.1 percent increase due to the separation of Crane NXT – its Payment and Merchandising arm, the company’s best-performing segment. The company’s stock has increased 44.3 percent compared to April 2022.

Another strong winner was Konami Corp, whose stock increased 10.2 percent month-on-month, despite seeing a yearly decrease of 16.8 percent. The group had recorded a near 50 percent increase in revenue for its gaming arm in the nine months ended December 31st.

IGT also saw a monthly gain in its stock price, up 5 percent, while also a rise of 28.9 percent yearly.

The strongest negative contribution to the index was Everi Holdings, with an 11.4 percent monthly drop, causing a 3.54 percentage point drop in the index.

During the month, all three major stock indices saw monthly increases for the second consecutive period, with the Dow Jones up 2.5 percent and S&P 500 up 1.5 percent, while the NASDAQ was up just 0.04 percent.