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Queensland authorities extend disciplinary action against The Star

Authorities in the Australian state of Queensland have extended disciplinary action against The Star, extending the appointment of the special manager for the group’s two properties in the state and deferring license suspensions until May 31st of next year.

According to a government release, the remediation plan includes ‘wide-ranging reforms to casino management and operations in key areas such as governance, culture, financial crime, safer gambling, and risk management’.

This plan is to ‘be delivered over several years to ensure extensive reform is embedded’.

The period of oversight of the special manager was extended until December 8th of 2024.

Failure to comply with the new plan could result in ‘further disciplinary action’ and fines of up to AU$5 million.

The Star’s board has budgeted ‘approximately AU$200 million towards the resources need to implement the plan’.

Speaking of the agreement, the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Yvette D’Ath noted “The Star’s remediation and return to suitability to hold a casino license will not be simple or quick and requires cultural change across the organization.

“Today’s announcement strikes the right balance between making sure The Star operates lawfully, ethically and in a way that enhances integrity, while also prioritizing public confidence and local jobs.”

Regarding the updates, The Star also notified that it will be required, before the deferred suspensions take place ‘to demonstrate to the Queensland Government, that it is delivering upon the approved Remediation Plan and returning to suitability.’

Robert Cooke, CEO, Star Entertainment
Robbie Cooke, CEO, Star Entertainment

The Star’s CEO and Managing Director Robbie Cooke noted: “We’re pleased to have our Remediation Plan approved in Queensland. It’s an important step on our path to returning to suitability in Queensland and will track and hold us accountable throughout the multi-year program we are committed to delivering. At the same time, we are fully aware that successful implementation of the Remediation Plan will require the utmost rigor and discipline.”

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