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Aristocrat, eBet, IGT, and Light & Wonder granted conditional approval to lead cashless gaming trial in NSW next year

Aristocrat, eBet, IGT, and Light & Wonder have received conditional approval to lead a cashless gaming trial in 2024, according to the Gaming Technologies Association (GTA).

These four gaming companies, all members of GTA, have been selected for an expanded cashless gaming trial in New South Wales, Australia. The trial will involve nearly 4,500 electronic machines across the state, alongside new technology designed to track and curb spending.

“The conditional approvals are a crucial step in the NSW Independent Panel on Gaming Reform process as the government investigates available technology, its reliability, and its future sustainability,” stated the GTA.

Earlier this year, an Expression of Interest process was conducted, where the number of providers and venues volunteering for the cashless gaming trial exceeded expectations, as noted in a press release.

GTA members have been pioneers in commencing NSW cashless gaming trials via Liquor and Gaming NSW’s regulatory framework, preceding their participation in the panel’s process. Approvals have now been granted on the condition that stringent cybersecurity requirements are met. The trial aims to facilitate further testing of the technology with users in different venue types.

When assuming power in March, the NSW government committed to conducting a cashless gaming trial, diverging from the prior policy of a mandated cashless gaming card by the Coalition government. In January, the government announced plans for a trial involving approximately 500 machines to evaluate various technologies and assess their impact on gamblers.

The NSW Panel has conditionally approved 28 venues for the trial, including 20 clubs and eight hotels. The venues range from large clubs with over 300 machines to smaller regional clubs and pubs. Testing will also assess impacts on employees, infrastructure, and technology costs.

Jinesh-Patel, Gaming technologies association (GTA), Aristocrat, cashless gaming, NSW
Jinesh Patel, CEO of GTA

The NSW Independent Panel on Gaming Reform continues to work collaboratively, aiming to establish cashless technology to ensure sustainable harm mitigation measures.

Jinesh Patel, CEO of GTA, commented, “The focus for GTA is to ensure a fair and balanced path for gaming technology in Australia. The trial is complex and costly, but we are committed to finding a path forward and working with the NSW Government. GTA is proud to contribute to the NSW Panel, and its members are committed to seeing Australia’s first statewide trial succeed.”

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