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VGCCC initiates new investigation into bingo operations 

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) has launched an investigation into the regulation of bingo operations.

The gaming regulator notes that bingo participation in the Australian state of Victoria has undergone a significant change, with a 70 percent increase in turnover from 2015, rising from AU$64 million ($43 million) to AU$107 million ($71 million) last financial year. ‘It is a game played by many communities and offers social interaction and the potential for prizes, with a proportion of proceeds designated to fund charities.’

In a press release, VGCCC states its aim to deepen understanding of sector challenges and explore ways to enhance regulatory and industry practices, keeping the game social, safe, and fair.

Fran Thorn, VGCCC
Fran Thorn, VGCCC Chair

“In recent years, the commercial bingo landscape has modernized, transitioning from traditional paper-based gameplay to electronic enhancements with substantial jackpots,” said Commission Chair, Fran Thorn.

“Given this evolution, it is crucial for us to assess and address issues of fairness, integrity, and the potential for gambling harm, particularly among at-risk groups such as seniors, First Nations communities, women, and lower-income individuals.”

“Despite regulatory oversight, we continue to receive reports and allegations of unlicensed operators and potentially fraudulent activities,” Commissioner Thorn added.

The Commission will examine the adequacy of bingo regulations, the vulnerability of cash transactions to illicit activities, and the allocation of profits to community organizations.

“This is an opportunity to really understand how bingo works and how it is evolving with technology. We understand the social outlet that bingo provides for many community members. We want to understand the risks, reduce the potential for harm, and put a stop to any behaviors threatening the integrity and fairness of the game.”

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