Melco-Resorts macau

Melco Resorts & Entertainment is earmarking close to MOP16 million ($2 million) towards a “Get the Jab” immunity incentive program to encourage colleagues suitable for the COVID-19 vaccine to become fully vaccinated.

Amongst the program, and subject to applicable terms and conditions, each fully vaccinated colleague will receive MOP1,000, and once the Company reaches certain immunity targets, up to six colleagues may win MOP1 million each. With immunity now established as a key company objective, Melco is supporting the government’s efforts towards this.

In coordination with the Macau Health Bureau and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Company has provided colleagues with education seminars. In addition, the Company continues to arrange shuttle transportation for colleagues to attend vaccination appointments and grants two full days of paid vaccine leave. The Company’s goal is to ensure a safe environment for colleagues, guests and the community.

Although vaccines are available in Macau, the take up rate has so far been slow.

As of mid-May, Macau had vaccinated about 87,731 people with at least one dose of a vaccine. It’s not an impressive number given it only has a population of about 640,445.