Good Morning. Regulators are out in force in Australia, continuing their crackdown on the industry, now fining Crown Resorts some $13.8 million over an alleged tax breach in Victoria. The fines being dished out embody a larger industry fine-tooth-comb approach that operators are navigating. A bit further abroad, PointsBet has announced that DraftKings is moving forward with its proposal to acquire the company, for some $195 million.

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Crown Resorts, Australia, asia gaming ebrief

Regulators further crackdown with $13.8mln Crown fine

Australian regulators are further targeting mis-steps in the industry, targeting Crown Resorts with a $13.8 million fine over alleged tax breaches. The state’s gaming commission is hoping that the onslaught of regulatory impositions can set a standard for gaming across the nation, noting previously that it was “going after” all operators seen to not be in compliance.

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