Macau hopeful on May Golden Week boon 

Analysts at UBS don’t expect the same level of travel restrictions to Macau to be in place during May’s Golden Week as it had been for February’s Lunar New Year holidays. 

“We are now at a similar time frame before May Golden Week holiday, and with vaccination efforts rolling out, and Macau not having had a local case in the last 12 months, he doesn’t expect to see the same travel restrictions,” said the analysts. 

“Macau had a hiccup with the BioNTech vaccine due to packaging, but he says local expectations are for resumption of vaccinations this week.”

Due to a spike in covid cases in mainland China and continued travel restrictions, Macau received 427,122 visitors in February, a 23.3 percent decline from the previous month.

Macau could be more open by Golden Week in May (Seeking Alpha)