Wednesday, July 17, 2024



PAGCOR’s shift to being just a regulator: official

The Philippines’ gaming regulator PAGCOR is aiming to establish itself as purely a regulator, shifting out of the operating role after the sale of its Casino Filipino assets, expected in early 2026.

The Chair of the IGSA breaks down why the gaming industry needs regulation

The gaming industry is at a crossroads, and the only ones who can figure out how to guide it have to be impartial. That's where the International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA) comes in, with its new Chair, Nimish Purohit, laying out what is needed to keep the industry balanced and how to communicate with regulators across the world to make it happen.

Non-gaming cashless opportunities boosting gaming offerings: TransAct CRO

The shift to cashless is providing opportunities both within the gaming space and the non-gaming space, with TransAct Technologies poised to leverage its experience across multiple markets in Asia and abroad.

Entain taking long-term view by only focusing on regulated markets

If Asian gaming jurisdictions up their game and prove to be highly regulated markets, Entain would be happy to move back into those markets it had stepped away from. Michael Charlton, Asia Pacific Director for Entain, notes that the Philippines is serving as a good example of an improved regulatory framework that’s not stifling innovation.
Cambodia facing looming threat of Thailand: expert

Cambodia not eliminating gambling, Thailand is a threat

Cambodia’s gaming story is not over by a long shot, with gaming expert Daniel Li pointing out how the country is trying to improve its oversight and legislation, rather than eviscerate the industry.
C-level iGaming executives in high demand, Ellen Fröjd

C-level iGaming executives in high demand

Recruitment in the iGaming sphere has never been more important than now. Ellen Fröjd, CEO of, points out what is most in focus and why mid- and high-level executives are in demand and how AI is being implemented – but can never replace human nuance.