Not until a made-in-China mRNA vaccine: Alidad Tash

Alidad Tash estimates Macau's 2023 GGR to reach about 40 percent of 2019 levels and that we won't be getting out of a covid zero policy well into the second quarter of next year - once a Made-in-China mRNA has been approved, and administered to the vast majority of the Mainland's population.

New voice-betting technology to improve navigation, boost volumes

Sportsbetting software developer Voxbet has developed technology that will allow punters to place a bet on horse racing through voice technology. Once perfected in Cantonese, Voxbet plans to tackle the rest of Asia.

China reopening lags, but travel demand still seen intact

China’s reopening to the world is lagging all other countries as Beijing sticks with its zero-Covid policies, but sooner or later the government will have to allow the people to travel again, argues Dr. Wolfgang Arlt, founder of the Chinese Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI).

Service blueprinting key to customer loyalty as operators shift strategies

Among the many areas impacted by the Covid pandemic is a shift in customer attitudes. Brand loyalty can no longer be guaranteed and casino operators need to alter their marketing strategies to stay ahead of the game.

Australia’s pubs & clubs show mixed post-Covid gaming recovery

Gaming revenue in Australia’s pubs & clubs sector has shown mixed signs of recovery in the country’s three largest states, with Queensland and New South Wales surging back to above pre-Covid levels and Victoria struggling to catch up. In this week’s Face-to-Face, Geoff Wohlsen talks about the differences in the recovery patterns.

Covid speeds technology adoption in casinos

The pace at which casinos are adopting new technologies is accelerating and there’s likely to be more change in the next five years than we’ve seen for the past forty, says Heather Scheibenstock, executive director of SenSen Networks.