Monday, June 24, 2024

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Mohegan INSPIRE to show positive EBITDA results already in 2024: CBRE

Analysts with CBRE are forecasting that Mohegan's INSPIRE integrated resort could see EBITDA turn positive in 2024, and reach $150 million by 2027.

Mohegan INSPIRE already a “landmark” in South Korea: Executive 

South Korean integrated resort Mohegan INSPIRE is gaining popularity with its non-gaming offerings after debuting in November last year, says an executive.

Mohegan INSPIRE announces March resort opening, month-wide concert series

Mohegan INSPIRE Resort announces its grand opening on March 5th, highlighted by performances throughout the month from the Maroon 5 and K-pop artists.

Mohegan INSPIRE opens foreigner-only casino on February 3rd

Mohegan’s new flagship property in Incheon, South Korea, the INSPIRE Entertainment Resort, will open its foreigner-only casino this Saturday, February 3rd.

Chen Si promoted to President of Mohegan INSPIRE

Mohegan INSPIRE has announced the promotion of Chen Si to the role of President, ahead of the expected opening of the group’s new multi-billion-dollar Incheon integrated resort in the fourth quarter of this year.

IDX Game supplying gaming products to Mohegan INSPIRE

IDX Games has announced that they have been selected to supply the prestigious Mohegan INSPIRE Entertainment Resort (“INSPIRE”) with its X-trend and X-stadium gaming products and look forward to delivering innovative new concepts at Asia’s next-generation entertainment destination.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Mohegan INSPIRE aims for casino in 10 months

Truly INSPIRE-ing things are taking place in South Korea, with Mohegan's first venture into Asia hoping to open its casino within 10 months, after its non-gaming offerings come online in October.

Mohegan Inspire taps Hanwha Hotel & Resorts for management of Incheon Inspire IR hotels

Mohegan’s Inspire Entertainment Resort has signed a management agreement with Hanwha Hotel & Resorts for the operation of five-star hotel towers in the group’s new property in Incheon, South Korea.

Mohegan’s INSPIRE to help Korean island become magnet for foreign visitors

Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort celebrated its grand opening on Tuesday with the completion of the first phase of a four-stage development project in South Korea.

Light & Wonder inks supply deal for Mohegan’s INSPIRE

Global games group Light & Wonder have entered into an agreement with Mogehan to supply its portfolio of systems to INSPIRE Entertainment Resort in South Korea.