Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Macau legislator proposes a framework to assess gaming operators’ social responsibility performance

Macau legislator Leong Sun Iok has put forth a proposal aimed at establishing a framework to evaluate the social responsibility performance of gaming operators in the region.

Macau lawmaker calls for a salary increase for gaming employees 

After noting the surprising recovery in the Macau gaming industry, lawmaker Leong Sun Iok, a representative from Labor Union calls for a salary increase for gaming employees.

Macau labor association seeks to strengthen labor rights protection for casino employees

One of the largest labor associations in Macau has submitted a request to authorities, asking for increased guarantees of rest and improvements in working conditions for casino employees, with government intervention.

Macau operators told to reduce staffing, ask employees to take leave

Macau’s operators are reportedly asking staff to take various forms of leave after being told to reduce the number of employees at work by 90 percent.