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Galaxsys launches in cooperation with Hot Gear Fashion TV Gaming Group


Galaxsys, a renowned gaming studio, has launched Hot Gear, a stylish scratch game created in collaboration with Fashion TV Gaming Group. The new game blends the allure of fashion with the excitement of scratching for a sophisticated and unique gaming experience.

The rules of Hot Gear are straightforward. Players start by choosing their bet amount and purchasing tickets. The goal is to scratch and reveal matching symbols for stylish wins on a 3×3 grid. Players can manually scratch or use the “Scratch All” feature to unveil hidden odds.

What sets Hot Gear apart is its focus on style and luxury, thanks to its partnership with Fashion TV Gaming Group. The game offers stunning designs and immersive visuals, providing an experience that exudes sophistication.

The game also features unique highlights:

  • Auto Bet: Players can configure settings for automated betting.
  • Quick Bet: Allows players to swiftly place bets without extensive menu navigation.
  • Authentic Lotto Experience: Players enjoy the genuine thrill of scratching and revealing potential winnings.
  • Provable Fairness: The game uses advanced Random Number Generator technologies to ensure true randomness and fairness.

Hot Gear represents a new collaborative gaming concept, blending fashion and gaming into a seamless and luxurious experience for players.

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