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Dallmeier: AI technology to boost ROI

Dallmeier offers a Casino Operating System (COS) called HEMISPHERE SeMSy, a software platform which helps casinos to easily control and optimise their core areas: gaming, surveillance, and marketing.

Dallmeier focuses on its core strength, has specialized functions optimized in a sophisticated system and at the same time plug in to the overarching CMS. Operators can integrate various production systems, such as the dealing shoe or POS, into Dallmeier’s system and achieve full interoperability. By doing so, they can combine and correlate information from different systems. Together with a comprehensive integration of CCTV, the key benefit is that casinos receive image and video material for all data to understand processes and make smarter business decisions. For example, table protection: Dallmeier´s Casino Automation Technology (CAT) uses AI-based video analysis to detect if someone is tampering with the table. At the same time CAT provides the operator with a recording of the relevant video sequence so that he can instantly verify the incident. This is just one example of how Dallmeier’s system manages to digitalize analogue processes, make them comprehensible for those involved and derive meaningful actions.

Dallmeier constantly works to improve its software and integrate new features that the market demands. Its Casino Automation Technology is available for Blackjack and Baccarat. SicBo to follow soon. With this solution, the games can be processed much more efficiently, and the increased game pace enables a significantly higher turnover per hour. CAT also enables highly accurate, AI-based player rating, which prevents cheating in loyalty programmes. The tracking of all game-relevant actions also reveals suspicious winning patterns, for example. Thanks to decades of experience in the casino industry, Dallmeier is very optimistic that its innovative solutions will continue to offer the customers decisive added value, enabling them to achieve sustainable competitive advantages. True to the Dallmeier company motto: “Making things easier.“

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