Sunday, June 16, 2024

Law firm: Caesars preparing to disclose information on cyberattack ‘in the near future’


US-based law firm Console & Associates says that Caesars is preparing to disclose information on a recent cyberattack ‘in a regulatory filing in the near future’.

According to a release by the firm, ‘the incident hasn’t yet been confirmed by the company’, noting that ‘many have expressed concerns over a possible Caesars data breach’.

According to reports, the company was hacked and paid out a ransom of up to $15 million to regain control of its systems.

Unlike MGM, who continues to face systems problems due to a similar hack and is reported to not have paid out a ransom, Caesars’ systems appear to be back to normal.

However, Console and Associates also note that the hack ‘begs the question of whether the hackers were able to access any confidential consumer data stored on Caesars computer network,’ noting that ‘it’s too early to tell if there was a Caesars data breach’.

In the event of a breach, the firm notes that ‘under federal law, the company is required to notify anyone whose information was compromised’.

The firm is now calling on any individuals who receive notification from Caesars about a possible breach should ‘take steps to protect themselves’ and ‘consider contacting a data breach attorney immediately’ given that they ‘may be entitled to financial compensation’.


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