Caesars pays out millions to hackers due to system breach: report

Caesars Entertainment

US gaming operator Caesars Entertainment Inc. may have paid out millions of dollars to hackers in recent weeks after a system breach and threats to release company data.

While Caesars has yet to officially acknowledge the hack, Bloomberg notes that it should be disclosed ‘imminently’.

The breach is believed to have been carried out by a group known as Scattered Spider, or UNC 3944, via an IT vendor, allowing access to the company’s network.

The group is likely comprised of younger individuals, residents of the US and UK, demanding ransom payments in crypto.

According to the report, the hacks could have commenced as early as August 27th.

The sum Caesars has reportedly paid out to the hackers has not yet been disclosed.

The hacker group is presumed to be different from the one that recently targeted MGM.