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South Korea’s Paradise Co. sees a 112.8% uptick in 2023 gaming revenue

Korean casino operator Paradise Co. has reported a 112.8 percent increase in gaming revenue this year compared to 2022. The group generated KRW744.2 billion ($570.5 million) in casino revenue.

The sharp rise in yearly revenue is attributed to an increase in the table games segment. According to the company’s latest update, table games revenue increased by 118.8 percent yearly to KRW696.7 billion ($534.1 million), while machine revenue saw a 51.9 percent uptick, reaching KRW47.5 billion ($36.4 million).

The table drop for 2023 increased by 114.2 percent yearly to KRW6.2 trillion ($4.7 billion).

For the month of December, Paradise Co. reported a 17.9 percent monthly increase in gaming revenue and a 37.9 percent yearly increase to KRW64.6 billion ($49.5 million).

The figure was mostly derived from table games, totaling KRW60.1 billion ($46.1 million) in revenue, a 19.6 percent monthly increase and a rise of 37.1 percent yearly.

Machine revenue was flat during the period, declining 0.6 percent monthly but rising by 49.2 percent yearly, to KRW4.5 billion ($3.4 million).

The table drop for December increased by 6.6 percent monthly to KRW581.5 billion ($445.8 million).

Paradise Co. specializes in operating foreigner-only casinos, including Walker-Hill, Jeju, Incheon Paradise City, and Busan Casino.

Viviana Chan
Viviana Chan
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