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Marina Bay Sands dealers caught in a cheating scheme

Two Marina Bay Sands dealers were caught helping a player win at roulette, by spinning the wheel such that the ball landed on his favorite numbers, Channel News Asia reported.

According to the CNA, after getting to know a dealer at the MBS casino he frequented, a player suggested giving her tips if she managed to spin the roulette wheel in his favour, managing to win SG$2,330 (US$1,700) from 174 games.

The gambler would hand the dealers SG$70 ($51) each time they managed to spin the wheel so the ball fell onto any of his three favorite numbers, with the tips paid outside the casino.

His largest net winnings in a single day were SG$4,305 ($3,139), while his greatest loss was SG$5,000 ($3,646), on a day when he played 22 games and won nothing.

The collusion was uncovered by MBS’ surveillance department and a police report made in end-July 2021.

The gambler and one of the dealers were handed a 28 prison sentence under the Casino Control Act after pleading guilty on charges of colluding to cheat while playing roulette.

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