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Former POGO operator believed to be linked to Singapore money laundering ring: report

The founder of illegal online gambling platform Hongli International – which operated in the Philippines and Cambodia is amongst individuals that escaped arrest in Singapore’s massive anti-money laundering operation last month.

According to the Straits Times, the platform’s founder Wang Bingang, and his wife, have not been seen for over a month, despite their family home being located in Singapore.

Wang has also been listed as a defaulter on his account with the Sentosa Golf Club – a high-profile group which multiple detainees in the raids had signed on with.

Authorities in Singapore say that some SG$100 million in assets in Singapore linked to a cousin of one of the accused individuals – Wang Baosen – has been seized or prohibited from being disposed of. Wang Baosen is said to be linked to an overseas criminal syndicate.

Wang Bingang was arrested in 2015 and repatriated to China, with authorities claiming his Hongli operation had been linked to RMB984 million ($135.1 million) in illegal proceeds over a period of just six months.

The Hongli gambling site operated as a Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) before a crackdown led to its relocation to Cambodia.

Wang Bingang was handed a three-year sentence by Chinese authorities, which ended in February of 2018.


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