Workers apprehended at the Pasay City POGO raid are now pleading ‘not guilty’ for violating the nation’s Securities Regulation Code, as they face accusations of involvement in cyber scams and luring investors.

According to ABS, some 23 workers at the POGO hub have taken the plea, of the total 28 who were arrested. The resting five are now awaiting interpreters to handle their sentencing.

The case relates to the Pasay POGO hub which was licensed under PAGCOR and which had its certification cancelled after it was found the group was operating illegal gambling and fraud.

The suspects were apprehended on August 1st and mostly include Chinese nationals.

The firm involved is registered as Rivendell.

Authorities said that perpetrators “portrayed themselves as investors or ‘guide/helpers’ to entice clients into making investments in stocks and cryptocurrency, promising lucrative returns”, according to reports.

The firm has also been accused of selling stocks and bonds without having sufficient registration.

Some 650 employees were initially detained during the raid of the five-story operations center, having initiated proceedings based on a tip.

Of the total, some 464 are Filipino, while the rest are foreigners of other nationalities.

The raid mimics that carried out on a hub in Sun Valley Clark recently.