Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has responded to the ongoing outcry over human trafficking cases within the region, and related to POGOs, noting that the nation has “become a target for many of these unscrupulous activities”.

Speaking to media and directors of the International Labor Organization, the top official reiterated statements by the Department of Migrants Workers Secretary.

Marcos noted that the nation continued in the top tier regarding compliance of addressing human trafficking when evaluated by a US Department of State annual review.

The Philippine president has previously acknowledged that he would completely eliminate all Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) if they were found to be in non-compliance and/or conducting illegal activities.

Recent raids on POGO-linked facilities have again ignited the call in the country to eliminate POGOs, without thousands repatriated and dozens arrested.

The top official aims to work on relieving inflation pressures, in order to decrease the attractiveness of potentially illicit hiring opportunities regionally, or even within the country.

The authorities are also working to strengthen communication with neighboring regions to reduce any possibility of trafficking, note officials.