The pressure on Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) continues, as a recent raid on a firm in Las Piñas, in the Philippines, has found around 2,000 alleged victims of human trafficking, according to reports.

According to authorities, some, 2,714 workers of different nationalities were ‘allegedly forced to work at an illegal’ POGO. The number includes 1,528 Filipinos, 600 Chinese, 183 Vietnamese, 127 Indonesians, 134 Malaysians, 81 Thai and 21 Taiwanese, with others from Singapore, India, Myanmar, and other nations.

Authorities raided the location due to alleged violations of the Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012.

“The PNP remains steadfast in its commitment to eliminating human trafficking in the Philippines and pledges to transform the country into a secure place where Filipinos and foreign nationals alike can thrive, explore and conduct business without fear,” stated a Philippine National Police spokesperson.

Regulatory body PAGCOR has come under fire recently over the practices of POGOs, although it has vowed to crackdown on any illegal activity.