No silver bullet in Asia’s affiliate marketing – you need to be ahead of the game

There’s no silver bullet in affiliate marketing to magically drive players but, every now and then, there’s a glimpse – the answer is to stay ahead of the game, industry stakeholders shared at ASEAN 2022.

Influencers were a big thing – they’re done. Meanwhile, there’s an array of strategies employed by the sector. These days it’s about localizing, surrogate marketing, and converting users into potential affiliates.

Oh, also, media buy does work (!) – with the right technology. Insights shared by Bhavesh Parthi, 48 Pacific; Nataliia Lavruk, Parimatch; Dov Allin, Marketing Cross Media; Alex Czajkowski; and moderated by Jonathan Casuncad, 88 Interactive, at the first in-person industry gathering post-pandemic in Asia.

The report is part of an ASEAN 2022 Industry Findings Series, bringing you discussions around the industry’s challenges and opportunities at the in-person event in Manila. Tune in tomorrow for an update on the Japan IR process by Joji Kokuryo