Integrating CRM, AML, KYC, RG, through Cashless

The move to cashless is increasingly important within the Asia Pacific region and can prove to be of massive benefit not only to the online sector but also to those hoping to cross over from land-based to the online gaming. Creating a seamless user experience and offering promotional incentives are key in the growing tech segment, especially to tap into the younger demographic.

00:30 – Self-introductions

04:54 – What do you see cashless as?

07:30 – Philippines is no stranger to cashless, to take online gaming to a cashless environment is fundamental.

10:10 – We’re all used to using cashless payments, why hasn’t it happened yet in gaming?

12:40 – CRM becomes a very important part so that the customer experience in seamless.

14:30 – Study on the reasons why people are/are not adopting cashless:

  • Most important reason for adopting cashless found to be promotional incentive.

19:07 – Can attract an entirely new audience which isn’t used to cash.

20:50 – Industry has to self-regulate to educate the regulator.

24:00 – PAGCOR as an operator to embrace the digitization of the wallet will help both land-based and online business.

27:00 – Have been using narrow AI for the past 10 years. Can see the parallel between AI and cashless implementation.

30:26 – Easier to implement gambling harm prevention measures using cashless, can regulate play easier (such as mandatory breaks).

34:04 – Younger generation coming into the real gambling environment, loot boxes acted as gateway.

35:15 – Closing remarks