WDTS’s Perfect Pay Baccarat was presented as a case study in successful innovation in the gaming space by Han Tian, MGM China’s Senior Vice President of Gaming Operations and Strategic Marketing at a seminar hosted by Professor Wang Changbin, Director of the Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies at the Macau Polytechnic Institute.

WDTS has worked with MGM China since 2016 to integrate PJM RFID into their table games and cage operations. Today, MGM maintains over 400 RFID-enabled live table games. Mr. Tian shared that in addition to improving table operations for game speed and overall efficiency, RFID technology and the availability of real-time game play and table performance data has driven improvements and operational innovations in other areas of the organization. Surveillance has implemented innovations in game security and marketing has gained new insights and capabilities with access to perfectly accurate and automated player ratings as well as tracking for player-owned chips. The introduction of this new technology has also enabled a mindset for innovation across team members that brings a fresh and strategic perspective to day-to-day operations.

Mr. Tian points to this kind of successful innovation as a critical vehicle in cultivating and maintaining a competitive advantage as the gaming industry matures and diversifies. While the game of baccarat has evolved with the addition of smart shoes and electronic trend boards, he noted that there will always be challenges in balancing the introduction of automated solutions with the customer’s preferred live gaming experience. Successful innovation must be flexible, user friendly, and enhance the customer experience. Perfect Pay has been able to do this by seamlessly integrating hardware and software to create not only a powerful game platform but also the ultimate customer experience.

Emily Io, Vice President of Sales for WDTS, attended the seminar at MPI and expressed her deep appreciation for Mr. Tian’s recognition as well as for MGM’s ongoing collaboration with WDTS to continue the advancement of the product as a key customer. Ms. Io is confident that these kinds of partnerships will ensure Macau’s role as a global leader in gaming innovation.