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Londoner Phase 2 to reposition and upgrade Sheraton and Conrad hotels 

Top executives of Las Vegas Sands Corp revealed in a conference call on Thursday that their firm’s Macau operations will reposition and upgrade hotels Sheraton and Conrad, as part of Londoner Macau Phase 2.

Grant Chum Kwan Lock, Sands China‘s COO mentions that “most of the hotel room accommodation today still remains the original Sands Cotai Central rooms, as is half of our main gaming floors.” In this case, the executive describes that “Phase 2 is really about making Londoner more Londoner.”

Concretely, Sands China plans to rebrand the Sheraton and the Conrad hotels as well as “a comprehensive upgrade of the Pacifica Casino” on the Sheraton side.

“We’ll be adding more non-gaming amenities and attractions to The Londoner, many of which are also included in our concession commitments. More signature restaurants that have international appeal, state-of-the-art wellness center, other sort of lifestyle attractions.”

Over a longer time frame, the gaming operator says that it has always committed since the concession, retender to developing this new landmark garden-themed attraction, the conservatory located — to be located in the gardens south of The Londoner resort. “That will take a longer time frame to develop.”

Rob Goldstein, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Las Vagas Sands mentions in the same conference call that the Londoner development is still in “early stages”. “We’re halfway done with the renovation. The full renovation is still a while down the road.”

The rebranded Londoner had its reopening this May. The integrated resort (IR) comprises five hotels, including its flagship, the Londoner Hotel. Formerly known as Sands Cotai Central, the IR has been undergoing a rebranding process since 2021.

The Londoner hotels offer nearly 6,000 rooms in total. The property also includes the new 6,000-seat The Londoner Arena, and the 1,700-seat The Londoner Theatre, ideal for long-running shows and medium-sized performances.

Viviana Chan
Viviana Chan
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